MythTV Theming Competition

  • With the release of MythTV 0.22, theme authors have powerful new tools in their hands to mold the MythTV interface as they see fit. We are very excited to announce a public MythTV theming competition to run through from the release of 0.22 until the feature freeze for MythTV 0.23, on approximately February 1st, 2010.
  • Examples of prizes being offered in the theme competition are:
    • Hauppauge TV Tuners and an HD-PVR
    • Schedules Direct memberships
    • Inclusion of your theme in MythTV
    • Free T-Shirts and more!
  • If you are interested in contributing to MythTV and competing, your first step is to read the competition rules. If you have any questions, join us on the theming mailing list or in #mythtv-theming on freenode.
Posted by Robert on November 7th 2009