MythTV Theming Competition Results

  • During the MythTV .23 development cycle, we ran a theming competition to invite users to rethink MythTV's UI in radical and creative new ways. The MythTV developers and public have spoken, and the following are our winners!
    • First Place: Childish, a 4:3 theme by Michael Lynch, designed with the author's children in mind.
    • Second Place: LCARS, a 16:9 theme by Gary Butters based on a science fiction computer interface.
    • Third Place: TransBlue, a minimalist 16:10 theme by Reto Wechner.
  • Congratulations to all involved for their hard work and perseverence. Childish will be included in the MythThemes repository starting with the .23 release. The winners of the theme competition will receive tuner and high definition capture devices courtesy of Hauppauge, as well as listings subscriptions from Schedules Direct, and a T-Shirt.
Posted by Robert on April 26th 2010