MythUI Patch Competition and .24 Status Update

  • We wanted to write to a brief announcement on the fast and furious progress being made on MythTV 0.24, and also to recognize the winner of our MythUI patch competition.
  • After considering the submissions made during the 0.22-0.23 development cycle, the winner of our MythUI patch competition is John Poet. John submitted a massive rework of MythUI button lists that allow the themer to size selected and unselected items differently, allowing the list to dynamically resize and adjust. This cool feature is already used in many new themes. John is the winner of a free year's membership to Schedules Direct.
  • Work continues on MythTV 0.24 at a blistering pace. Over the past several months, features including the HD Audio branch, the MythUI OSD, a complete rework of Program Info handling, unencrypted Blu-ray playback, mass metadata updating in MythVideo, and the foundations of the MythMusic rewrite have been added to trunk. .24 promises to be a great step forward and we are still on track to bring it to you in the early fall.
  • Congratulations to John and we will see you all again soon as we solicit testers after the .24 feature freeze.
Posted by Robert on June 5th 2010