MythTV 0.23.1 Available

  • A recent bugfix required that we upgrade the version of the communication protocol used between the various MythTV components. In order to allow users to keep track of this change, we are pleased to announce that 0.23.1 has been released, which includes the aforemented bug fix along with many others.
  • A complete list of changes in 0.23.1 can be found in the Release Notes on the wiki.
  • You can download the tarballs now:
  • Tarballs of all MythTV releases, past and present, are available on the FTP server, or you can check the code out from subversion.
  • If you prefer a pre-packaged version, you may want to check out the wiki packages page to see if your favorite distribution has binaries available for installation or download.
Posted by xris on July 25th 2010