MythTV 0.24 Available

  • When we released MythTV version 0.23 in May, we promised you a number of exciting new features and improvements. Today, we deliver. MythTV version 0.24 is now available for download, and it includes the brand new OSD, all-new HD audio support, Blu-ray support, and countless other features and fixes.
  • A list of general goals for the 0.25 release is still being finalized, but you can rest assured that when released, MythTV 0.25 will bring with it the host of new features, bugfixes, and stability improvements that users have come to expect in MythTV releases. We continue to be committed to improving MythTV's user experience, and hope to drastically lower some of the existing barriers to entry with MythTV in our next release.
  • For a more complete list of changes and new features, read the Release Notes (very graciously managed by Matt Saner this release, and the extra attention shows) on the wiki.
  • You can download the tarballs now:
  • Tarballs of all MythTV releases, past and present, are available on the FTP server, or you can check the code out from subversion.
  • If you prefer a pre-packaged version, you may want to check out the wiki packages page to see if your favorite distribution has binaries available for installation or download.
Posted by Robert on November 10th 2010