0.26-alpha released

As part of the attempt to have a shorter release cycle, we have now released v0.26-alpha.

The proposed schedule for the v0.26 release cycle is as follows:

  • July 15th - v0.26-alpha
  • - Feature freeze, bug fixes OK, soft freeze on translatable strings.
  • July 29th - v0.26-beta
  • - Only critical bug fixes allowed after this date.
  • August 12th - v0.26-rc0
  • - hard freeze on translatable strings.
  • August 19th - either v0.26 (final) or v0.26-rc1
  • - If any further critical bug fixes required, we cut another RC and wait a week, repeat until no bug fixes for a week.
  • - When no bug fixes required for one week, we will cut the final release
Posted by Gavin on July 19th 2012