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I have this board running with Mythbuntu 9.04. I record HD from a Motorola DCT-3200 (I think) box via a PCIx firewire card, and I record SD via a a PVR250 and a PVR500. I initially had this running Mythbuntu 9.04 under x86_64, but there have been enough weird issues (ivtv dies after a few days, other random recording errors), that I reinstalled with i686. Hopefully this will work better.

Other than ivtv dying mysteriously, everything seems to work. But I must admit that I'm much less happy with this board and distro combo than the old ASUS M2NPV-VM/CentOS, which worked great, but wasn't a great choice for HD.

A few issues worth noting with this board:

  • It does not have firewire onboard.
  • The Ethernet controller is not supported under CentOS/RHEL 5.3. There is currently a patch in RHEL 5.4 Beta that is supposed to fix this, or you may be able to find a driver otherwise for the onboard Ethernet controller.
  • I'm using the HDMI connection for video only (audio comes to my stereo via the mini-stereo out jack on the mobo - I seem to recall that audio and video were not simultaneously supported over the HDMI connection on this board...).