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Author unknown
Description This script wraps the dbgconv.py for use transcoding recordings to the Gameboy DS handheld console.

A DPG is a slightly modified version of an mpeg file. This video format is used by a shell application called moonshell. Home brewed DS applications such as these are typically used with Super and R4 cards. You probably do not want to use this script unless you have moonshell, one of these cards and are comfortable with the whole process.

This script utilizes the dpgexport.py script which can be found at http://theli.is-a-geek.org/blog/static/dpgconv. The dpgconv script uses an application called mpeg_stat whose source can be donwloaded from the dpgconv website. I found that compiling mpeg_stat from source works best.

NOTE: dpgconv.py cannot convert rjpeg files. It is best to have your recordings in mpeg2/4 format. This can be achieved by modifying your transcode profiles.

Place dpgconv.py, mpeg_stat and mpeg_stat.1 in /usr/local/bin

Use as a user job

dpgexport %DIR% %FILE% %TITLE% %SUBTITLE% /mnt/mythtv/recordings/mobile

This will place a dpg of your recording in /mnt/mythtv/recordings/mobile/TITLE-SUBTITLE.dpg

The Code

Script.png dpgconv.sh



dest_path1=$(echo "$dest_dir/$source_file" | sed -r 's/\..*$/.dpg/')
dest_path2="$dest_dir/$title - $subtitle.dpg"

cd "$dest_dir"
dpgconv.py "$source_path"

mv "$dest_path1" "$dest_path2"