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This help manual is for creating threads of discussion. These are typically conducted on an article's talk page. A talk page may have several threads of discussion going on at one time.

How to

To start a thread, click on the "+" next to the edit tab.

You will have a special edit box with both a title section and a comments section. Enter a concise title or question, and then put in the details below. Click on the signature icon at the top of the edit window to append your signature and time stamp.

To add a follow-up comment to a talk page, click on edit. If there are multiple sections (i.e. threads of discussion), look for the edit hyperlink on the right-hand side for that section. In the edit box, create an indented response by using :'s (one per level of indentation).

: <your response>

...then click on signature icon to sign your comments.

Clicking on this icon appends "-- ~~~~", which is converted to your signature+timestamp when save the page.

Creating a follow-up to someone else's follow-up is just like above, except you add another ":".

:: <your response> --~~~~