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MythTV includes a built-in media player to play back your recordings, videos and DVDs. The Internal Player is based on the FFmpeg source with several modifications and supports an expanding range of video and audio codecs.

The Internal media player is now the recommended player for DVDs and other file types over external players, such as Xine or Mplayer, and supports the following features:

  • DVD playback
  • ISO playback
  • DVD menus
  • Subtitles (DVB, Teletext, CC, External, DVD etc)
  • Multiple audio tracks
  • MHEG

In order to use the Internal Player in MythVideo set the player to "Internal" (capital I) and ensure that the Default Player option is not selected. Internal player playback settings for DVDs and Videos are controlled by the MythTV TV playback settings.

As of 0.21, YUV411P, UYYVYY411, or YUV410P modes are not supported.