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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is inuseprograms table. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

The inuseprograms table contains information about mythtv related programs that are actively performing tasks on the system.

Table Description

Field name Type Null Key Default Extras Schema-Version
chanid int(10) unsigned MUL 0 REFERENCES channel(chanid)
starttime datetime 0000-00-00 00:00:00
recusage varchar(128)
lastupdatetime datetime 0000-00-00 00:00:00
hostname varchar(255)
rechost varchar(64) NULL +1226
recdir varchar(255) +1226


  • chanid relates to the chanid field of the channel table.
  • starttime is the time the program began.
  • recusage describes how the program is beeing used.
  • lastupdatetime is the last time the programs status was updated. A program is considered in use if it has been updated within 60 minutes. When the housekeeper runs it will delete all entries that have not been updated within 4 hours.
  • hostname is the name of the host the program is running on.

Example Entries

        chanid: 1037
     starttime: 2007-03-12 20:00:00
      recusage: flagger
lastupdatetime: 2007-03-13 00:14:54
      hostname: localhost.localdomain
        chanid: 1063
     starttime: 2007-03-12 23:30:00
      recusage: recorder
lastupdatetime: 2007-03-13 00:30:02
      hostname: localhost.localdomain
        chanid: 1023
     starttime: 2005-11-19 15:09:07
      recusage: player
lastupdatetime: 2005-11-19 15:09:08
      hostname: moktoo