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JFS includes a rather unusual partition-resizing ability: It's built into the kernel's JFS driver. You can use this feature to increase, but not to decrease, the size of the filesystem. As with most other partition-resizing tools, you must modify the partition size first by using fdisk to delete the partition and then recreate it with a larger size. After you've done this, you should mount the partition as you normally do and then issue the following command:

mount -o remount,resize /mount/point

This command resizes the filesystem mounted at /mount/point to occupy all the available space in its partition. No other partition-resizing tools are available for JFS, although there is a JFS subdirectory in the GNU Parted source code, suggesting that Parted may support JFS in the future.

User stories

My first mythtv server used XFS on Ubuntu and I think I lost all my data 4 times. Since then I have been using JFS for the last two years on both Ubuntu and Fedora 7 and it is great. --Vossman 06:01, 4 August 2007 (UTC)