LOCK TUNER (Myth Protocol)

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Command arguments: <int:cardid> OPTIONAL

List arguments: none

Response: <int:cardid> <videodevice> <audiodevice> <vbidevice>



10      LOCK_TUNER

Successful response:

19      1[]:[]0[]:[]0[]:[]0

Unsuccessful response:

17      -2[]:[][]:[][]:[]


Asks the backend to lock a tuner. Locked tuners will not be used for scheduled recordings and are not available for use by other frontends. The backend will attempt to re-schedule recordings to take this into account. The tuner should be released when no longer required using FREE_TUNER.

If no card ID is specified, the backend will choose an unlocked, unused tuner.


The ID of the card if successful, -1 if no card can be found with the specified ID or -2 if the tuner is already locked. If no card ID was specified, then a return of -1 indicates that all tuners are either locked or are currently in use.


version changeset description
1 [3021] Initial version