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Time.png Outdated: The information on this page may no longer be relevant to the current release of MythTV, 31.0. Please consider helping to update it.

This page is to use NFSv4 instead of NFSv2 on Ubuntu Edgy. This fixes the 2GB limit on file sizes that is experienced with NFSv2. I just tried the client portion on a Dapper system and it has a problem where it can't find host. I will troubleshoot it a little but I need to upgrade the box anyway. I am still updating this as I learn more but this is what I have so far:

MythBackend(no security)

Install the NFSv4 Server

    apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

Update the line in /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server to:


Update /etc/default/nfs-common to:


Create the line in /etc/exports (something like this):


Restart the service

    sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart

Add this line to /etc/hosts.deny

    portmap : ALL : deny

Add this line to /etc/hosts.allow

    portmap:,, : allow


Install the NFSv4 client

    apt-get install nfs-common

Update /etc/default/nfs-common so we can connect


Restart the service

    sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-common restart

Create the directory you are going to mount to

    sudo mkdir /video
    sudo chmod 777 /video

You can test to make sure it will mount with the following command:

    sudo mount -t nfs4 -o proto=tcp,port=2049 /video

Update /etc/fstab to automount on boot:    /video     nfs4    proto=tcp,port=2049,soft     0     0

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