Python3 Conversion

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Python Bindings

The Python bindings in v31 have been updated to run under Python versions 2 and 3.

User scripts

Good information here as well as the and tools.

Authors of scripts on this Wiki, please update as required.

Known MythTV source code issues

- Internetcontent hasn't had substantial changes since 2016 and isn't known to work with verion 3.
- mirobridge_interpreter hasn't been touched

To try it now

For users that build from source and want to test now:

- git checkout master
- git pull
- configure/make/make install as usual

./configure defaults to python3, which may be a binary, script, alternative, alias... Or, use the --python=python{2|3} configure switch.

Install both sets of bindings

Rather than using ./configure --python=xxx, use this:

- cd bindings/python
- make clean PYTHON=python2
- make clean PYTHON=python3
- make PYTHON=pythonX # Where X is the opposite of what was used in ./configure
- sudo make install PYTHON=pythonX

Python scripts can then be run (tested) with python2 or python3