Shuttle SG33G5M

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Information about the display can be found here:

from lcdproc docs:

The display itself is a 20x1 character display. Each character cell is 5x8 pixels. It also has smaller row of specialized icons: clock, radio, music, CD/DVD, television, camera, rewind, record, play, pause, stop, fast-forward, reverse, repeat, mute, and a series of volume bars. Some or all of the icons can be displayed.

Supported by current lcdproc version. (lcdproc-CVS-current-20090120)

Working with lcdproc.

The driver to be used by LCDd is shuttleVFD.


  • Display of characters

Not Working:

  • Display of icons.


Model: RC11B (

Driver: lirc_mceusb2

Included in lirc-0.8.4a.

To use with Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) follow this HowTo

I had to apply the following patch for my device:

--- lirc_mceusb2.c      2009-01-25 22:11:54.000000000 +0100
+++ lirc_mceusb2.c.old  2009-01-25 22:10:13.000000000 +0100
@@ -121,7 +121,6 @@
 #define VENDOR_TATUNG          0x1460
 #define VENDOR_GATEWAY         0x107b
 #define VENDOR_SHUTTLE         0x1308
-#define VENDOR_SHUTTLE2                0x051c
 #define VENDOR_MITSUMI         0x03ee
 #define VENDOR_TOPSEED         0x1784
 #define VENDOR_RICAVISION       0x179d
@@ -147,8 +146,6 @@
        { USB_DEVICE(VENDOR_TATUNG, 0x9150) },
        /* Shuttle eHome Infrared Transceiver */
        { USB_DEVICE(VENDOR_SHUTTLE, 0xc001) },
-       /* Shuttle eHome Infrared Transceiver */
-       { USB_DEVICE(VENDOR_SHUTTLE2, 0xc001) },
        /* Gateway eHome Infrared Transceiver */
        { USB_DEVICE(VENDOR_GATEWAY, 0x3009) },
        /* Mitsumi */

Continue with MCE_Remote.