Sound Blaster Audigy SE/LE

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Channel Assignments

  • Note: You may or may not need these changes. Only use this if you are having channel assignment issues.

My Sound Blaster Audigy SE (detected as an LE) in Ubuntu 9.04 had mixed up audio channels for Myth. Other programs worked fine, but Myth was using the wrong channels when using surround51. The following .asoundrc file in my home directory fixed the issue without messing with other programs on the computer.

pcm.myth51 {
 type route
 slave.pcm surround51
 slave.channels 6
 ttable.0.0 1
 ttable.1.4 1
 ttable.2.5 1
 ttable.3.2 1
 ttable.4.1 1
 ttable.5.3 1

Note that you must change your sound output device in Myth to ALSA:myth51 in order to use this mapping.