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This perl script was created to provoke a problem with failing recordings experienced with v32 and the Crystal Palace transmitter in London. It generates batches of manual recordings via the API interface.

It includes facilities to get a list of multiplexes, to list the channels, to list upcoming recordings, to trigger a set of 'manual' recordings and to delete all such recording rules and recordings. It can fire off 'batches' of recordings or simply single recordings depending on parameters which need setting by the user.

It was developed under xubuntu 22.04 with v32 Mythtv and v34, with both ports 6544 and 6744. It fails to tidy up fully with 0.27 but might be more successful with version 0.28 onward.


./swamp.pl [options]

   -a or -alternative         use alternative backend address.   Default is   
   -b or --backend            ip address of backend and (optionally) port number eg
                                     default is            
   -f or --fullrun            to invoke full triggering of recordings or tidying                     
   -h or --help               this text
   -l or --listchannels       list channels
   -m or --multiplexes        to list sources & multiplexes
   -r or --recordings         list proposed recordings.                       Also needs --fullrun to trigger them. 
   -t or --tidy               List all upcoming and present swamp recordings. Also needs --fullrun to remove them.
   -u or --upcoming           list all upcoming recordings


Install the scan_database module. See https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Perl_API_examples. This must be version 1.13 or later to cater for the version 2 of the API. Place it either in perl path or in your working directory. It needs read access.

The libwww-perl module needs loading - if using ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libwww-perl

Put the code below in swamp.pl and set it executable.

Running the program

The parameters controlling how recordings are made are held at the start of the program and will need editing appropriately. Editing the code is admittedly a little clumsy. Start by deciding which channels you want to record and in what order. You can display all multiplexes and channels:

./swamp.pl -m
Sources on
  5  HDHR4
Mpx    Source    Frequency    FreqId    Count    
 19         5    482000000        22       26    
 20         5    490000000        23       26    
 21         5    506000000        25       25    
 22         5    514000000        26       13    
 23         5    530000000        28       32    
 24         5    586000000        35        6    
 25         5    546000000        30       11   

./swamp.pl -l
Channels on
50101  =  Mpx:25   Src:5  FqId:30   BBC ONE HD
50102  =  Mpx:25   Src:5  FqId:30   BBC TWO HD
50819  =  Mpx:20   Src:5  FqId:23   BBC ONE Lon
50820  =  Mpx:20   Src:5  FqId:23   BBC TWO
50821  =  Mpx:20   Src:5  FqId:23   BBC THREE

You can grep the output to select particular sources, multiplexes. frequencyids or callsigns.

Set your desired channel numbers near the start of the program. Have as as many channels in each batch and as many batches as you wish (it will just rotate through them). eg:

my @batch=('10047,10002,10020,10003',     #channels in first batch - all from different multiplexes
           '10027,10101,10008'            #second batch
	);                                     #add further batches if needed
#As a minimum, set up a single channel eg @batch=('10001'); 

You can also set the number of recordings, pre and post roll times, gap between recordings and length of recordings. You can 'stagger' the start of recordings within a batch; also set default backend address and alternative address. Note that in v32 pre and post roll timings may not be respected and 4 and 5 minutes enforced. Also note that unless recordings are staggered, they will be triggered 30 seconds after the minute in order to help examining /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log with a single grep.

When you have finished editing this user section please adjust the number of blank lines to align the comment to line 34. If you don't, then support might be more difficult and you will be nagged by the program!

You can list the proposed batches or recordings with their start and end times. Recordings will be extended by pre- and post-roll.

./swamp.pl -r
Proposed 20 recordings:
Start                   End                     Chan   Mpx   CallSign
2023-03-13T18:39:10Z    2023-03-13T18:40:10Z   10047     1   Film4+1
2023-03-13T18:39:10Z    2023-03-13T18:40:10Z   10002     2   BBC TWO
2023-03-13T18:39:10Z    2023-03-13T18:40:10Z   10020     3   Drama
2023-03-13T18:39:10Z    2023-03-13T18:40:10Z   10003     4   ITV1
If happy with this proposal,
./swamp.pl -r -f
will trigger the recordings then give a list of upcoming recordings.

Tidying up afterwards

When you have finished all your testing, you will be left with a bit of a mess with many recordings which you will no longer require and perhaps some in upcoming recordings. You can list these with:

./swamp.pl -t

If this looks sane (and you have a robust database strategy!!) then you can remove them with :

./swamp.pl --tidy --fullrun

This will stop any current 'swamp' recordings, will remove the recording rules for any upcoming 'swamp' recordings and then remove all recorded 'swamp' programs. Note that there is an issue with stopping recordings with Myth version 0.27 and earlier which is believed to be a limitation in the API interface.

Phil Brady 24 March 2023.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w -C6
use strict;
use Getopt::Long;
use Time::Local;
use lib '.';    #add current dir to perl path if not already there

#swamp a backend with manual recordings  See --help

#====== user parameters === Set to suit your setup ===

my$recordingsneeded=20;  #no of recordings to be made. 

#List of channels to be used in the batches.
#Minimum is a single batch with single channel eg  my @batch=(10001);

my @batch=(' 10047 ,10002,10020,10003',   #channels in first batch - all from different multiplexes
           '10027,10101,10008'            #second batch
                                          #further ones loop round
#@batch=(50883,50801);      #yesterday <-> film4+1  Crystal Palace problem with HDHR


my $stagger=0;       #gap between start of recordings within a batch (in seconds)
my $preroll=2;       #in mins     v32 does not seem to respect this value - it uses 4
my $postroll=2;      #in mins     ditto  it uses 5.
my $reclength=1;     #length of recording in mins
my $gap=1;           #gap after postroll before next preroll in minutes

my $backend='';    #default backend address - safe to change it 
my $alternativebackend='';    #use with -a

my $outputcontrol=1;     # Controls -r output to file. set to 0 to suppress, 1 if -f, 2 always

# Please adjust blank lines above to make this line 43
#==== End of user parameters ====

#Check length of user section so we can have a grumble in myexit.
eval{$_=1/0};  $@ =~ /line\s*(\d*)/; my $offset=$1-47;
eval{};  #flush out any lingering error message

my $version='2.12c:  2023-03-24';

#11/3/23 Getchannels - GetVideoMultiplexList needs SourceID not SourceId for v0.27 compatibility.
#        deleteupcoming - allow PostOrGet==0 for unsupported
#        Tidyup needs RemoveRecorded not DeleteRecorded for 0.27 but it does not work.  Cannot delete recordings.
#20/3/23 Start time changed to 30 secs after minute.  FrequencyId added to -l option.  More useful than Mpx in UK. 
#22/3/23 Insert default mplexid of '?' in getchannels rather than in listchannels to prevent failures in setmax.
#        copy $postroll and $preroll to recording rule. 
#        global sed edit:  tab to '    ' for consistency in wiki.

#recording template (based on a rule extracted from Myth v32). 
my %template=(    
    AutoCommflag   => 'false',
    AutoExpire     => 'true',
    AutoMetaLookup => 'false',
    AutoTranscode  => 'false',
    AutoUserJob1   => 'false',
    AutoUserJob2   => 'false',
    AutoUserJob3   => 'false',
    AutoUserJob4   => 'false',
    AverageDelay   => '0',
    CallSign       => 'BBC TWO',
    Category       => '',
    ChanId         => '10002',
    Description    => 'Swamp test (Manual Record)',
    DupIn          => 'All Recordings',
    DupMethod      => 'None',
    EndOffset      => '2',
    EndTime        => '2023-02-03T12:55:00Z',
    Episode        => '0',
    Filter         => '0',
    FindDay        => '6',
    FindTime       => '12:45:00.000',
    Inactive       => 'false',
    Inetref        => '',
    LastRecorded   => '2023-02-03T12:43:48Z',
    MaxEpisodes    =>'0',
    MaxNewest      => 'false',
    NewEpisOnly    => 'false',
    ParentId       => '0',
    PlayGroup      => 'Default',
    PreferredInput => '0',
    ProgramId      => '',
    RecGroup       => 'Default',
    RecPriority    => '2',
    RecProfile     => 'Default',
    SearchType     => 'Manual Search',
    Season         => '0',
    SeriesId       => '',
    StartOffset    => '2',
    StartTime      => '2023-02-03T12:45:00Z',
    StorageGroup   => 'Default',
    SubTitle       => '',
    Title          => 'Swamp (Manual Record)',
    Transcoder     => '0',
    Type           => 'Single Record'

my $content;
my %Channelinfo;   #key is ChanId
my %Mplexinfo;     #key is MplexId
my %sources;
my %width;         #to hold column widths
my $tidycount=0;
my $fmt;  my $filewanted=0;   #need output file from --record.  Forced if --fullrun

#check calling parameters
my $optf=0; my $optl=0; my $optt=0; my $help=0;my $optm=0;my $optu=0;my $opta=0;my$optr=0;
GetOptions ('listchannels'=>\$optl, 'fullrun'=>\$optf, 'tidy' => \$optt, 
            'backend:s' => \$backend, 'help' => \$help,'multiplexes' => \$optm,
            'upcoming' => \$optu, 'alternative' => \$opta, 'recordings' => \$optr

if ($help){GiveHelp()};
if ($optl + $optt + $optm + $optu +$optr ==0){
    print "Missing option.  Please do $0 --help\n";

#require scan_database;    #See https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Perl_API_examples
BEGIN {   
    unless (eval "require scan_database") {
        print "couldn't load scan_database module\nSee https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Perl_API_examples\n";
        exit 0;

if ($opta){$backend=$alternativebackend};

unless ($backend =~ m!:!){$backend .= ':6544'};

#get channel details from backend

# What to do:
if ($optt){TidyUp()};
if ($optm){showmultiplexes()};
if ($optu){getupcoming(0); myexit()};
if ($optl){listchannels(); myexit()};
if ($optr){TriggerRecordings()};

sub check_scan_database_version{
    my $sdv=$scan_database::VERSION;
    if ($sdv < 1.13){print "\nscan_database.pm need to be at least 1.13 to support version 2 of API interface.\n";
        print "Please update it from   https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Perl_API_examples\n";
        exit 0;
sub optiona{

sub TriggerRecordings{
    #initial timekeeping
    my $epoch=time() + 60;
    $epoch -= $epoch%60;        #rounded to next minute - removed
    $epoch += 30+60*$preroll;   #starttime of next batch.  Align to 30 secs past the minute.

    #list proposed recordings - generate them if --fullrun 

    print "\nProposed $recordingsneeded recordings:\n";

    print "Start                   End                    ";
    $fmt= '%' . $width{ChanId} . 's   %' . $width{MplexId} ."s   %s\n";
    printf $fmt, 'Chan', 'Mpx', 'CallSign';
    $filewanted =($optf+$outputcontrol>1?1:0);   #Decide whether file output required
    if ($filewanted){
        open(FH, ">", "swamp.out")
        or die "Can't open swamp.out: $!";
        print FH "Start                   End                    ";
        printf FH $fmt, 'Chan', 'Mpx', 'CallSign';
    my $lastEndTs=0;
    while ($recordingsneeded){
        for my $set (@batch){    
            my $delay=0;   #stagger start of recording within a batch
            my @chlist = split /,/,$set;
            for my $chan (@chlist){
                $chan =~s/\s//g;    #remove spurious spaces
                if ($recordingsneeded){
                    unless (exists $Channelinfo{$chan}){die "channel $chan not known"};
                    record($chan, $epoch+$delay);
                    $lastEndTs=$epoch + $delay + 60*($reclength + $postroll);
            if ($recordingsneeded){
                #print "-----\n";
                $epoch += 60*($gap+$preroll+$reclength+$postroll); #starttime of next batch

    print "\n", ZTime($lastEndTs), "  = ", scalar localtime($lastEndTs), "    : All will be finished\n";

    if ($optf){
        #list upcoming recordings
        print "\nTo trigger these recordings, please re-run with --fullrun\n";
sub fiddle{

sub myexit{
    close FH if ($filewanted);        
    if ($offset){
        print "NAG NAG:\n";
        print "Please adjust the user section of this code by ",($offset>0)?'deleting ':'adding ', 
             abs($offset), " blank or comment line(s).\n";
        print "Any unintended error messages will then match the line numbers in the original code and be meaningful to the author.\n\n";
    exit 0;

sub showmultiplexes{
    print "\nSources on $backend:\n";
    for (sort keys %sources){
        printf "%3s  %s\n", , $_, $sources{$_}{SourceName};
    print "Multiplexes:\n";
    my @heading=('Mpx,MultiplexId,1',
    my $format=doheading(@heading);
    #items are  Mpx   Source  Frequency   FreqId  Channel_count\n";
    for (sort {$a <=>$b} keys %Mplexinfo){
        printf $format, $_ ,$Mplexinfo{$_}{SourceId},$Mplexinfo{$_}{Frequency},
                        $Mplexinfo{$_}{FrequencyId}, $Mplexinfo{$_}{count};
sub doheading{
    my $finalfmt='';    
    for my $column (@_){
        (my $aka,my $tag,my $align)=split /,/,$column;
        $fmt='%' . $width{$tag}*$align . 's    ';
        printf $fmt, $aka;
    print "\n";
    return $finalfmt."\n";;

sub record{   #list recording and trigger it if --fullrun
    (my $chan, my $epochstart)=@_;
    my $starttime=ZTime($epochstart);
    my $endtime=ZTime($epochstart + 60*$reclength);
    print "$starttime    $endtime   ";
    printf $fmt, $chan,$Channelinfo{$chan}{Mpx}, $Channelinfo{$chan}{Name};
    if ($filewanted){
        print FH "$starttime    $endtime   ";
        printf FH $fmt, $chan,$Channelinfo{$chan}{Mpx}, $Channelinfo{$chan}{Name};
    return unless ($optf);
    #get template recording rule
    my %recrule=%template;
    #modify it

    #Trigger the recording:
    my $url=$backend .'/Dvr/AddRecordSchedule';
    scan_database::ValidatePost(%recrule, $url, 'raw', 12);
    print "Recording triggered\n";

sub getchannels{
    #query backend and get all channel names and multiplexes
    my $temp;   my %ChanData;
    #get sources
    my $url=$backend. '/Channel/GetVideoSourceList';
    scan_database::ReadBackend($url, $temp);
    scan_database::FillHashofHash(%sources, $temp, 'VideoSource', 'Id', 'SourceName');

    #get mpx and channel info per source
    for my $source (keys %sources){
        # Get source id and frequency for each source/multiplex
        my %Mpxtemp;
        $url=$backend. "/Channel/GetVideoMultiplexList?SourceID=$source";   #WAS SourceId
        scan_database::ReadBackend($url, $temp);
        scan_database::FillHashofHash(%Mpxtemp, $temp, 'VideoMultiplex', 'MplexId', 'SourceId', 'Frequency');
        %Mplexinfo = (%Mplexinfo,%Mpxtemp);
        #Now get channel info
        scan_database::ReadBackend($backend . '/Channel/GetChannelInfoList?SourceID='.$source.
                    '&OnlyVisible=false&Details=true', $temp);
        my %temphash;
        scan_database::FillHashofHash(%temphash, $temp, 'ChannelInfo', 'ChanId', 'CallSign','Visible','MplexId','FrequencyId','SourceId');
        %ChanData = (%ChanData, %temphash);

    #insert channel data in  %Channelinfos and %Mplexinfo
    for (keys %Mplexinfo){$Mplexinfo{$_}{count}=0};  #initialise counts first
    for (keys %ChanData){   #was sort keys
        $ChanData{$_}{FrequencyId}||='';    #set blank if missing
        my $mpx = $ChanData{$_}{MplexId};
        if ($ChanData{$_}{Visible} eq 'true'){
            $Channelinfo{$_}{Name}= $ChanData{$_}{CallSign};
            $Channelinfo{$_}{SourceId}= $ChanData{$_}{SourceId};
    #now note max widths of the data
    for my $k (keys %Channelinfo){  #key is ChanId
        setmax('Mpx', $Channelinfo{$k}{Mpx}, 'getchannelsC');
        setmax('SourceId', $Channelinfo{$k}{SourceId}, 'getchannelsD');
    for my $k (keys %Mplexinfo){  #key is MplexId
        for (qw/Frequency FrequencyId count SourceId/){

sub setmax{ 
    (my $item, my $text,my $trace)=@_;
    my $old=$width{$item};
    my $new=length($text);
    my $ok=0;
    if (defined $old){$ok++};
    if (defined $text){$ok++};
    #if ($trace eq 'delrecordingsB'){print "Trace 381 item=$item txt=$text old=$old new=$new  trace=$trace\n"};
    if ($ok<2){
        print "bad data in setmax\n";
        print "item=$item txt=$text old=$old new=$new trace=$trace\n";
    if ($old<$new){

sub listchannels{    #called if --list
    #list channels
    print "Channels on $backend\n";
    my $format='%'.$width{ChanId}.'s' .
    '  =  Mpx:%-'. $width{Mpx}.'s   Src:%-' . $width{SourceId}. 's  FqId:%-'. $width{FrequencyId}."s   %s\n";
    my $mpx, my $fqid;
    for (sort {$a <=>$b} keys %Channelinfo){
        $mpx=$Channelinfo{$_}{Mpx}; $fqid=$Mplexinfo{$mpx}{FrequencyId};
        #$fqid||='?';  moved to Getchannels
        printf $format, $_, $mpx, $Channelinfo{$_}{SourceId}, $fqid, $Channelinfo{$_}{Name};

sub ZTime{    #convert epoch time to 2021-12-03T13:44:04Z form
    (my $epoch)=@_;
    my ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday,$isdst) = gmtime($epoch);
    $year+=1900; $mon++;
    return sprintf("%04d-%02d-%02dT%02d:%02d:%02dZ", $year, $mon, $mday, $hour, $min, $sec);

sub getupcoming{
    (my $tidying)=@_;
    my $count=0;
    print "\nUpcoming recordings\n";
    my $url="$backend/Dvr/GetUpcomingList";
    unless (scan_database::ReadBackend($url,$content)){die "Could not get upcoming data"};
    #extract fields
    my %future;
    scan_database::FillHashofHash(%future, $content,'Program','#','StartTime','ChanId','Title','RecordId','RecordedId');
    $fmt='%' . $width{ChanId} . "s   %s\n";
    for (sort {$a <=> $b} keys %future){
        my $targettitle= ($future{$_}{Title} eq $template{Title})?1:0;
        if (1-$tidying + $targettitle >0){
            if ($count==0){  #print heading
                print "Start                    ";
                printf $fmt, 'Chan', 'Title';
            print "$future{$_}{StartTime}     ";
            printf $fmt, $future{$_}{ChanId}, $future{$_}{Title};
            if ($tidying + $targettitle ==2){
                if ($optf){deleteupcoming($future{$_}{RecordedId},$future{$_}{RecordId})};
    if ($tidying){print "$count found\n"};

sub deleteupcoming{
    (my $RecordedId, my $RecordId)=@_;
    my %tplate=('RecordedId' => $RecordedId, 'RecordId'=> $RecordId);
    my $url;my $resp;my $content;
    #checks following use with v0.27 (which is unsupported anyway!)
    my $bad=0;
    if ( ! defined $RecordedId){$bad=1};
    unless ($RecordedId =~ m!^\d+$!){$bad+=2};
    if ($bad>0){print "Bad =$bad  bad value for \$RecordedId \n"};
    #Stop a current recording 
    if ($RecordedId>0){
        my $PostOrGet=scan_database::APISupported("$backend/Dvr/StopRecording");
        if ($PostOrGet==2){    #POST it
            $resp=scan_database::ValidatePost(%tplate, $url, 'raw', 1);
            print "  Stopped (POST)";
        }elsif ($PostOrGet==1){  #GET
            print "  Stopped (GET).";
            print 'Unsupported Stoprecording  API';
    #now remove the rule
    $resp=scan_database::ValidatePost(%tplate, $url, 'raw', 1);
    print "  Rule removed\n";

sub TidyUp{
    getupcoming(1);   # <- stops and removes upcoming recordings 

    # now delete any recordings made.
    my %delhash=('#ChanId' => '',
                '#StartTime' => '',
                'ForceDelete' => 'true',
                'AllowRerecord' => 'false'
    print "\nLooking for swamp recordings\n";
    my $url="$backend/Dvr/GetRecordedList";
    unless (scan_database::ReadBackend($url,$content)){die "Could not get recorded list"};
    my %hash; my $resp;
    scan_database::FillHashofHash(%hash, $content,'Program','RecordedId','StartTime','ChanId','Title','CallSign','FileSize');
    #get widths
    $width{Title}=length $template{Title};
    for my $k (keys %hash){
        if ($hash{$k}{Title} eq $template{Title}){
            for (qw/ChanId CallSign/){setmax($_,$hash{$k}{$_},'delrecordingsB')};

    #Show recordings and delete them
    my $count=0; my $format;
    for (keys %hash){ 
        if ($hash{$_}{Title} eq $template{Title}){
            if ($count==0){
                #do heading and generate format
            my $chan=$hash{$_}{ChanId};
            my $fsize=$hash{$_}{FileSize}/1000000000;
            $fsize=sprintf ("%5.2f GB", $fsize);
            printf $format,$chan, $hash{$_}{StartTime}, $_, $fsize, $hash{$_}{Title}, $hash{$_}{CallSign};
            if ($optf){  #--fullrun
                if (scan_database::APISupported("$backend/Dvr/DeleteRecording") ==0){
                    print "   Sorry:  Dvr/DeleteRecording not supported by backend\n";
                    #0.27 and earlier versions of backend need GET RemoveRecorded
                    # Sadly, Phil can't get this working with 0.27
                    print "$url\n";
                    print "resp=$resp\n";
                    print "Content=$content\n";
                    # newer versions need POST deleterecording
                    $delhash{RecordedId} = $_;
                    scan_database::ValidatePost(%delhash, $url, 'raw', 3);
                    print "   Deleted\n";
    print "$count found\n";
    myexit() if ($tidycount ==0);
    if ($optf==0){print "\nto delete these do --tidy --fullrun\n";  print "You do have a good database backup?\n"};

sub GiveHelp{
    print "
    Swamp version $version
    Swamp generates lots of manual recordings on a Mythtv backend for testing purposes
    -a or -alternative         use alternative backend address.
    -b or --backend            ip address of backend and (optionally) port number eg
                                      default is            
    -f or --fullrun            to invoke full triggering of recordings or tidying                     
    -h or --help               this text
    -l or --listchannels       list channels
    -m or --multiplexes        to list sources & multiplexes
    -r or --recordings         list proposed recordings.                       Also needs --fullrun to trigger them. 
    -t or --tidy               List all upcoming and present swamp recordings. Also needs --fullrun to remove them.
    -u or --upcoming           list all upcoming recordings

    Please see the user specified section at the start of the program to configure number of recordings,
    the batches of channels to be used, and the timings.  Backend address, alternative backend and output file control can
    be changed here too.
    Please add/remove blank lines to match the comment around line 43 in case you need support.  You will be nagged if you do not!

    All recordings will align with 30 secs past the minute unless \$stagger is set.  This makes it easier to grep the backend log.
    Files used:
    swamp.pl generates a file swamp.out showing recordings triggered when you --record --fullrun.
    The script requires the module scan_database to be place in perl path or working directory.  It needs version 1.13 or later.
    See https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Perl_API_examples