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I've been searching fruitlessly for help getting the sister card to this one working, the A868 Volar (also USB2.0) is an Avermedia ATSC USB stick, that I can't get to work using the instructions for the DVB-T Volar, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Avermedia doesn't have ANY linux information online for this stick that I can find, unlike some of their other cards, and I can't find anyone else that has one working.

TIA Xanderphillips

AVerTVHD Volar

I'm having the same trouble. Can't find any linux support for the AverTVHD Volar (A868) USB Tuner. I'm pretty new to this; is there any way to use the windows XP/Vista drivers? Or is there any way to obtain the settings in a Windows environment, and use those to write our own driver/ modify the A808 driver?