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Any chance we can have the script deal with spaces in the call sign and channel name. EIT scans produce call signs in the UK

like BBC ONE BBC TWO etc.

Mike C


Pretty much what I was going to ask about...
Also, notably, in the UK there is this rather annoying thing whereby...

BBC ONE in London

DVB-T = the transmitter callsigns this "BBC ONE" and it IS BBC 1 London (for me)
DVB-S = the transmitter sends BBC 1 London callsigned as "BBC 1 London"

Both would need BBC1 logo.

Some ideas...
Perhaps some stripping of whitespace? 
Also why not concatenate ONE to 1 in all cases (and likewise). 
Assume anything after 4 letters is a regional denomination?

BBC 1 London >>> BBC1LO
BBC 2 Scotlans >>> BBC2SC

So for mixed source installations this gets a little complicated.

Another method without checkout?

How can I add logos without checking out anything? I don't want to install the entire subversion server. --PSzalapski 01:30, 24 October 2006 (UTC)

Answer: You can make up your iconmap.xml by hand and load it through mythfilldatabase. For an example have a look at the icons I made up for channels in Switzerland XMLTV_CH.