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Note: This is actually not linked to by any other part of the Wiki at the moment, as there are some incomplete sections and some technical bits that need to be fact-checked left over. I also wanna put some illustrations in for the types of video connectors so people can maybe spot what they're looking at in the store. If you see anything that's dead wrong feel free to jump right in and correct it. --Dagmar, Dec 23 2006 @ 9:51am CST

Cable identification

I get the feeling that possibly I should break the cable identification information out into it's own page. Seems like it would be more useful if it were by itself and linkable from everywhere else. --Dagmar

Chopping parts out

I just moved the overly technical (and therefore beyond the ken of any "executive") into it's own Highly Technical Details page, which will probably be winnowed further as time goes on. --+Dagmar