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p41, please don't rewrite this page completely. There is not need to duplicate the entire install process when its nearly identical to fedora. I wrote this page to point out the differences between Fedora and Cent/EL. ~mitchell2345

Broken links?

Can't find

Perhaps the repository has changed the naming conventions, the closest I could find was


Can someone please clarify?

Yup, changed links. i updated with new links --Mitchell 15:33, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

Additions to guide

After installing MythTV 0.22 on a new CentOS 5.4 build, I came across a few issues that were not covered in either this CentOS page nor the Fedora page:

- Lirc installed via yum would not work for my MCE Remote.

- After building Lirc manually, it would not work in MythTV until I changed the LircSocket setting from /var/run/lirc/lircd to /dev/lircd (within the frontend settings).

- The sound could not be adjusted until I changed the mixer device within the frontend settings.

These may sound like generic problems, but I used this same hardware for my Fedora 6 / MythTV 0.21 installation, without getting these issues, making me think it is a CentOS thing (I could be wrong).

Should these tips go in here?

RHEL 6.0 Beta 2

MythTV 0.24 running with firewire support and LIRC Required the download of FC12 source packages and a recompile for many MANY packages, If anyone wants a package list I can try.. Havent got Miro working yet, expect the EPEL guys to get around to that eventually

Mythweb and many other issues resolved bt moving to 0.23-fixes Firewire stable with 2 firewire cards, one for the DCT6200 in broadcast and one for the DCT3200 in peer mode Miro 2.5.2 is now working on RHEL6b2, waiting for 3.0.3 to hit EPEL

CentOS 6.4/RHEL6 2.6.32-358 video4linux

Ugly. RHEL has accepted video4linux as a technology preview. Unfortuantely, in parallel they have also picked up some kernal changes that the older video4linux drivers use (e.g., v4l/compat.h has overrides that don't make sense and cause the build to fail.

I'm trying to work through the problems and see if I can get a kernel to load correctly (getting kernal panic after building the v4l stuff).