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Maybe we should incorporate the Specifying_DPI_for_NVIDIA_Cards page into this article as well, just like we did with the NVidia Instability page?? --Michel 11:53, 31 August 2007 (UTC)

Overlay color fix with xvattr

Someone needs to either document where the 66048 number is coming from or stop changing it. I tested this pretty thoroughly and 0 seems to work just fine as the value (and is easier to type and remember) for the overlay color. -- Dagmar d'Surreal 12:52, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

The idea of video-overlaying (it is the only situation where this problem occurs!) is replacing some background color with the actual video image. You may know this from television where the person telling you the weather forecast actually stands in front of a blue screen, where later the video-imaging is put you see on television.

Normally XV_COLORKEY is used as a key color which is used for the hardware to "know" where the video image should be replaced instead of that key color. Like is done on television, a linux box also uses blue, but that can be annoying if the image replacing the blue screen is too small (hence the blue lines surrounding your video!).

The solution is to replace the colorkey to some other value (yes, it may even be black!) which is less annoying. When using full-screen video it is even the best choice as it is the darkest color available. However, there are some problems may arise when using color "black" as in BLACK (as in RGB value 000000). If, for example, you want to run the video in a window (some people use mythfrontend on their laptop to watch some television in a window while doing other things!) and you have some other open windows lurking around your desktop, thing may go wrong. It is possible that the video-image may appear in your XTerm (if that one has black background as well :-)

Solution for that problem is to use some dark color, dark enough to be invisible, but not equal to black. 66048 refers to some color which is really dark, but not black. It is a color not commonly used in window-manager decoration nor somewhere else in a normal desktop computer X enviroment. Therefor, it serves very well to "disable the blue lines", which actually is "replace the blue lines with some dark color which is (almost) invisible for my eyes".

If 0 (real black) works in your situation I would like to advise you continue using that color (I assume you run full-screen?), but this page was written with the intention to provide one single solution working in all cases! So please, revert your change back to the value 66048, as that also serves people with myth running in a window. --Michel 21:10, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

Saw the value 0 was still in the article; reverted the value to 66048 myself --Michel 13:18, 28 March 2008 (UTC)