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As at 2nd September 2007 is the SVN worth testing? I've browsed through the SVN and can't find any reference in the docs or anywhere else that the multi channel record from one mux has been implemented for testing. If it has could this wiki page give us a dated update or conversely a pointer to a location (maillist/forum link/whatever) with dates that allows people to see what the status is. I have to say reading this page and looking around it looks like 6000E have been collected and nothing has happened since then.....I know that's probably not right....but given there's no dates on any information that's what it looks like. If the SVN version even had a multirec readme and some pertinent instructions I'd download it and try to compile it......however I'm very cautious about potentially blowing up my working and stable mythtv setup for a feature that may not even be in place yet. -- User:Pinnocchio

I've used it a few weeks ago and it worked. I had some hardware implementation problems with my IVTV tuners not tuning correctly but the DVB tuners worked fine. I'm pretty sure it was a database mismatch error with my old information. I reverted to a backup copy of my database and 20.1 and everything worked again. I'd say give it a try, but make sure you backup your database first. If it doesn't work for you just do a "make distclean" and then reinstall what you have. I'd use it but I only have two of my hd channels that share a multilpex so it's really not a big deal to me -- User:Blackoper

I also tried it few weeks ago. It was a bit painful to get it working, but it finally started using same mux for recordings. Had to clean the dbase a lot and scan all channels again. The biggest problem was that DVB subtitles were not working and I need those. Went back to normal SVN branch. -- User:Bymoor

I am currently running it, scheduled recordings working perfectly. However Live TV does not use the cards efficiently. (If all cards are tuned to frequencies for recordings, Live TV will not automatically select the correct tuner for requested channel). So I have to keep hitting the change card button to I get onto the card with the correct frequency tuned for the channel. To avoid this you need a dedicated tuner for each frontend to use for Live TV, which is very wasteful since the code is there for the scheduler to choose the correct card for the channel/program. However saying this I still believe this is a step in the right direction. Good work! (14/02/2008)-- User:Stev391

Using this on my system works with DVB-S, however for some shows that have episodes directly following each other, it generates duplicate recordings of the same show. -- User:Steltek

Has anyone considered using this new functionality to display a page of live tiled thumbnails of all channels on a multiplex? A feature like this could be incredibly useful when channel surfing, especially if you could jump from multiplex to multiplex instead of from channel to channel. DStulken