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I don't know if anybody else had this problem but (on 8/13/2006) I attempted to run the second line above:

apt-get install qt3-dev-tools liblame-dev liblame0 liblircclient-dev alsa-oss libqt3-mt-dev libqt3-mt-dev gcc g++ libqt3-mt-mysql libqt3-i18n

When I attempted to upgrade


a MESS of packages are installed/removed. In this process XFree86 appears to be removed and replaced with xserver-org. I stopped this from occuring because of the notes below. I'm going to try and build it anyway.

When I was trying to figure out dependencies I also installed/upgraded the following. I'm not sure if all of them are required though.

apt-get install xlibs xlibs-data xfwp x-dev xvkbd 
apt-get install libxft-dev libxft1 libxft2 libxi-dev libxi6 libxmu-dev libxmu6 
apt-get install libxaw7 libxext-dev libxext6 libxmuu1 libxp6 libxpm4 
apt-get install libxrandr-dev libxrandr2 libxt-dev libxt6 libxtrap6 libxtst6 libxv-dev libxv1 
apt-get install xaw3dg xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi
apt-get install xvfb xfs xlibmesa-dri libxxf86vm1 libxxf86vm-dev xfonts-scalable xfonts-base  x-window-system 
apt-get install imlib1 libc6-dev libncurses5-dev libasound2-dev
apt-get install libfreetype6 libfreetype6-dev libstdc++5 libstdc++5-3.3-dev
apt-get install xlibmesa-gl xlibmesa-gl-dev libglib1.2 

This will happen if you don't change stable to sarge. Stable is now etch, so if you try to install the packages, it will try to pull down alot of new dependencies.