Thermaltake Mozart Media Center

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Thermaltake Mozart Media Center

AKA: Mozart & Mozart SX

Vendors Website: VC4000 VC7000

Support Status: n/a

Driver: n/a

Remote: SoundGraph iMON PAD


Other Reviews

X-bit Labs


A very nice case. Extremely slim (only 8cm) and sylish. Especially the VC7001 with the extra multimedia buttons and the vfd/ir receiver. You can fit everything you need for a multimedia solution in there.

Issues and Problems

Newer cases shipping have a slightly different VFD included which are not supported. If your device shows up as having a device ID 15c2:0036 SoundGraph Inc, it will not work at this time.

Make sure to get the right CPU cooler, because of the limited height. Also the default 80mm fans on the side come with a normal power connector instead of the 3-pin motherboard connector - thus they cant be controlled by the mainboard. Also the recommended cooler is pretty much useless - heavy, downst really cool well and way too loud.

Associated Software


Installation guides

Information.png Tip: This machine uses the SoundGraph iMon inside (iMon PAD remote control and VFD). Please refer/update to the Soundgraph iMon page on the wiki.

Wikipage.png - SoundGraph iMon mythTV wiki page


install lcdproc and set in your /etc/LCDd.conf