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UPnP client attributes

Any information about UPnP clients is helpful. Some common questions are listed in the tables below. Please attempt to fill out the tables for your UPnP client.

Hardware Support

Characteristic Example Values
Standard Def <Yes, No>
High Def <Yes, No>
Digital Audio <Yes, No>
Composite Out <Yes, No>
S-Video <Yes, No>
Component <Yes, No>
VGA <Yes, No>
SCART <Yes, No>
HDMI <Yes, No>
Wireless Ethernet Speed <N/A, a, b, g, n>
Wired Ethernet Speed <N/A, 10, 100, 1000>

Video Playback Features

Characteristic Example Values
Video Playback Quality <Comments on whether playback is smooth, any stuttering, audio in sync>
FF/RW Support <Yes, No>
FF/RW at Differing Speeds <Yes, No, 2x, 4x, 8x>
30 Second Skip <Yes, No>
Bookmarking <Yes, No>


Characteristic Example Values
Support MythTV MPEG2 Recordings <SD, HD, None>
Support MythTV NUV Recordings <SD, HD, None>
Support MythTV DivX/Xvid Videos <Yes, No>
Support H.264 Video <SD, HD, None>
Support MythTV Music (since 0.21+) <Yes, No>
Support MythTV Photo Galleries (since 0.21+) <Yes, No>

MythTV Interaction

Characteristic Example Values
Customizable Menus (and in what way) <No, Yes the colours can be changed!>
Menu Responsiveness <Sluggish, Instantaneous, With 100+ recordings the menu took 3 days to show, etc.>
Menu Hierarchy <Comments on ability to present data in different orders, recording groups etc>

Non-MythTV Features

Characteristic Example Values
Support DVD/VOB streaming <Yes, No>
iPhoto/Photoshop Album Support <No, Yes both, Only iPhoto, etc.>
iTunes/Windows Media Support <No, Yes both, Only iTunes, etc.>

Screenshots/Screencasts of Client Working with MythTV

Main Menu <Pic of main menu>
OSD <Pic of OSD>
Others <Pics of Others>

Software / Hardware

OS <Linux, uCLinux, VXWorks>
Software <Syabas>
Processor <ARM, PowerPC, x86>
Chip Set <Sigma Designs>
Inside <pic(s) of board>