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my setup

see User:Jrr/system



alsa wiki DigitalOut

Configuring Digital Sound

Configuring Digital Sound with AC3 and SPDIF

With a digital connection (one cable - optical or coaxial) and one configuration (no effort to switch modes or anything), i'd like to be able to

  • record and playback surround sound in LiveTV (is this ac3 passthrough?)
  • play local media with ac3 passthrough for surround (DVDs, ripped DVDs)
  • are there video formats out there with surround encoded in another way (not AC3), that can't be directly passed to my receiver?
  • play local media with mono/stereo sound
  • stereo sound from other stuff like games and music
  • surround sound from games like UT2K4 (I don't think this will be possible over a digital link)

I have these available cards:


If some of these bug me long enough, I might try adding them myself =D

  • frontend: dynamic resizing
    • resizable window during windowed mode
    • toggle fullscreen button
  • better handling of "oops that channel didn't tune correctly" - don't save the last used channel if it didn't work! (this includes 5C encryption or "Error was encountered while displaying video.")
  • firewire: some way to automatically test and remove dead channels from the zap2it list
  • some kind of HD distinction; an indication in the program guide, the ability to list just HD channels/shows
    • holy crap what if i could use the program guide to navigate to an encrypted channel, select it, then myth would tell my cable box to switch to it, and tell my receiver to switch video sources to the cable box?