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Hey. I'm a danish guy who got interested in myth - when my KISSdvd could'nt be replaced in 2004. So well starting playing around with the idea - and started out with a Backend/Frontend running on a Shuttle XPC, and had that until I bougth a house. Now I got the following setup.

Setup in the House

  • Masterbackend:
    • Dell GX620 (Hyperthread)
    • Hauppauge PVR500
    • 1,5TB harddisc
    • 3GB RAM
  • Extra Tuner (Satelite tuner):
    • Inetbox 300s
    • Gemini Projekt 4.0
  • Livingroom Frontend:
    • Shuttle XPC
    • 200GB harddisc
    • 2GB RAM
  • Bedroom Frontend:
    • Shuttle PC
    • 120GB Harddisc
    • 1GB RAM

Still building on the system. But wanting to be able to blend my Satelitetuner into the system, so that MythTV are controlling my sysatem all over the house. Played around a bit with Linux MCE and Pluto - but was thinking that was way to much to my needs - and wanted also to be able to chose music/movies in a easiere way that it is in MCE/pluto! THat was the main reason to go back to MythTV