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Hi, this is Robin's standard Wiki page. There's not much here now... or have you not noticed? ;)

MythTV Stuff

OK - seeing as this is MythTV Wiki, here's some details of what I'm running:


  • Hardware: AMD Athlon 64 3500+, 1GB RAM, SATA RAID(5) array (400Gb EXT3 usable from 3x200Gb drives), PATA 200Gb (XFS), 1x1Gbps & 2x100Mbps NICs, AVerMedia_DVB-T_777 capture card.
  • OS: Fedora Core 4

Used for:

  • Remote boot server for MythTV Client.
  • mythbackend This has the 200Gb PATA to play with, important stuff being archived off onto the RAID filesystem.

And other stuff:

  • Internet Gateway for rest of LAN.
  • SAMBA file server for 2 Windoze machines.
  • Slimserver (driving 2xSqueezebox v2) - around 340 albums (110GB FLAC).
  • Number of hobby websites (serving up 750K hits/month at last count).
  • Postfix MTA + Cyrus IMAP (for internal SoHo mail).

MythTV Client

The client was cobbled together with old parts I had lying around or found (no joke - in our trash room). There's a large gap between processor and video card performance but seems to work OK. At some point this will get put into a modded case that will look nice in the lounge and be quiet, with slow 120mm fans for PSU and CPU:

  • Hardware: AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 768GB RAM, 100Mbps NIC, Nvidia GeForce2 (MX400, 32MB).
  • OS: Fedora Core 6 (either this will go back to FC4 or the server will come to FC6)
  • MythTV: 0.20 built on server (shared /usr/local). X includes official Nvidia driver.

Remote boots using PXE protocol and mounts NFS root from server. Runs mythfrontend.


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