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I said it wasn't the *ideal* place to ask questions as it relies on me to watch the page. Probably only two of us pay attention to the MythUI wiki pages, but there are many more experienced themers in IRC. Likewise, in the mailing lists all the questions and answers become a searchable archive-- Talk pages on the wiki aren't and are difficult to parse. If you want to ask your questions and have them seen by the widest audience *and* become available to others for future use in a simple to access way, the IRC channel (which has searchable logs) and the mailing lists are your best choice. While I probably won't go on answering basic usage questions in the wiki, I will continue to answer them in either of those two places.

The mythui documentation is NOT FINISHED. Much like the code it documents, it's a work in progress. It will be completed shortly before, or just after, the release of 0.22 and will be much more comprehensive than the old theme howtos. It's a little unfair to be critiquing documentation for a version which is months from release.--GBee 18:52, 15 April 2009 (UTC)