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Interesting Barebones

  • ASUS Digimatrix
  • Asus Pundit (URL)
    Quite a few people use this system - In the past there were linux support issues with the newer models, but circumstances have probably changed. Just review the hardware carefully before purchasing.
  • Asus Pundit-R - Fully supported with minimal effort using Ubuntu.
  • Asus Terminator
  • FIC Condor (CD-VL91)
  • Shuttle XPC M1000
  • Shuttle XPC M2000 (URL)
  • Shuttle XPC mini X100
  • Msi Mega Pc 180 / 651 / 865 /
  • Hiper HMC-2K53A [1]
  • MSI Media Live [2]
  • Green PC BE20 ([3])
    A low power (40W) system with 4 PCI slots and dual/quad core AMD processor options.
  • Zotac Zbox-ID11 - Fully supported Ion2 barebones - works out of the box with a mythbuntu 10.04 install and two Hauppauge Nova-T sticks, except for some bios work to override the default noisy fan settings (bios is f8 with no boot device installed - defaults settings except raise fan speed to 80RPM lowest value). Nvidia VDPAU works with proprietory drivers. 40 watt max.

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