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Time.png Outdated: This branch was merged into trunk in [52259b82] and is no longer in development.

What is it?

The point of the mythtv-vid branch is to fix some of the long standing deficiencies in the video output classes, for X11 in particular.

Development can be tracked via #2287



  • Add support for OpenGL filtering, in particular Lanczos for scaling and YV12->RGB conversion for display (ref #843)
  • Allow different filter sets for different video and display resolutions.
  • Make setting up filters easier with a GUI
  • Allow changing the filter set during playback, esp for deinterlacing.
  • Auto-detect pull-up and apply ivtc filtering (#1778)

Video output methods

  • Implement per-frame video resolution switching
  • Support XvMC for MPEG-2 NUV files (and enable transcode to MPEG-2)
  • Finish support for XvMC copy to pbuffer + opengl render
  • Key xrandr switching to video framerate

OSD rendering

  • Fix video frame OSD blending for bob-deint (Filter vert freq in pause + when there is video<->screen framerate mismatch)
  • Implement RGB OSD surfaces
  • Implement OpenGL OSD surfaces
  • Implement X Composited OSD surfaces
  • Key preferred OSD and OSD fade to resolution and video output method.



svn co


Database backup

  • Backup existing database using your favourite method

New Database Additions

CREATE TABLE `displayprofilegroups` (
`name` varchar(128) NOT NULL,
`hostname` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`profilegroupid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
PRIMARY KEY  (`name`,`hostname`),
UNIQUE KEY `profilegroupid` (`profilegroupid`)
CREATE TABLE `displayprofiles` (
`profilegroupid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
`profileid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
`value` varchar(128) NOT NULL,
`data` varchar(255) NOT NULL default ,
KEY `profilegroupid` (`profilegroupid`),
KEY `profileid` (`profileid`,`value`),
KEY `profileid_2` (`profileid`)

Using the new branch

Start mythfrontend in your usual fashion and start exploring the new features in Setup -> TV Settings -> Playback