Sleep timer specification

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Sleep Timer

Mythtv currently has a sleep timer within LiveTV (Internal player?) which will automatically close livetv and return to the main menu.

This is a specification for a more full-featured, frontend-wide sleep timer.


  • Sleep action should be configurable. For example, user may want to exit to main menu or shutdown the machine. Should probably fall back to main menu if other commands fail.
  • Sleep function should be available from all plugins.


  • Function activateSleepTimer(int timeout:seconds).
  • Function to get time intervals (eg. 15mins,30mins etc).
  • Configuration option to set command. If blank will fall back to default and exit to main menu.
  • Mythshutdown -x would be ideal as the default command to execute here.


Sleep Timer triggered ->

Execute command if set ->

- - If result is true then DONE.

- - If result is false then exit to main menu. DONE