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My MythTV setup:


  1. MythTV 0.21-fixes
  2. Ubuntu 8.10


  1. AMD Sempron 3100+ CPU
  2. ECS NForce-3a motherboard (built-in sound)
  3. 1GB RAM
  4. 80GB harddrive
  5. Motorola QIP 7100-1 STB (HDTV tuner, non-DVR)
  6. WinTV-GO non-FM tv tuner card


I'm using the QIP7100-1 to tune channels, and have the video feeding the composite in of the tv tuner, and the audio feeding the line-in of the sound card. I also have the QIP7100 hooked up via firewire for changing channels via 6200ch (to avoid using an IR blaster), works great so far. Image quality is passable, not great with composite on the old tv tuner. Not sure if SVideo would improve things (will check later), and need to setup deinterlacing for better playback.

Modified channel changing script: