This plugin allows TV recordings or video files to be burnt to a DVD-Video. Just the thing to let a friend watch something they missed - burn a DVD-RW and share! Please be aware that this may be in violation of copyright laws in some countries -- the MythTV developers do not condone copyright infringement in any way.

The DVD's appearance and operation can be customised with a number of different visual themes, some of which have intros, pages of animated thumbnails, etc.

Recording title, subtitle, time and description are displayed on the main menu, chapter menu or recording detail pages.

The plugin uses a number of scripts to translate and shrink the files so that they will fit onto single or dual-layer DVD media, or an ISO image file for later burning.

Errors in TV recordings are usually corrected by these scripts when they invoke the mythtranscode or ProjectX utilities. A full log of any errors can be viewed as the disc is being prepared, or examined later.

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