At its most basic, MythWeb is the web-based remote access tool for MythTV. It has been designed as a supplemental interface for MythTV that can take advantage of the larger screen real estate offered by a web page compared to a TV screen. Its primary purpose is to provide the user with an easily accessible interface to MythTV's listings data (i.e. what's on when, and where) so users can quickly find desired shows and schedule them to be recorded.

Once you have set up a few recording schedules (either with MythTV itself or from within MythWeb), you will be able to use MythWeb to pull up a list of the specific shows that MythTV will be recording for you, as well as see if any conflicts have been detected. MythWeb provides a simple interface for resolving conflicts, enabling/disabling specific showings, and quickly viewing details about the shows themselves, including what other scheduled recordings might conflict.

Once you've recorded a few shows, you will also be able to see them in MythWeb, along with a small thumbnail screenshot from the first few minutes of the show. You can perform basic maintenance on the files from this list view (e.g. delete shows you have already watched), or view them in more detail on their own page, which gives you access to more information about the show as well as a few more actions to perform on the recording file.

The screenshot to the right shows off the highly experimental flash-based video player that (when enabled) can be used to watch the show right from your browser.

MythWeb also contains plugins that provide basic interaction with some of the more popular plugins like MythVideo and MythMusic.

You will also find that we are constantly playing with new features in the hope of making MythWeb an integral part of the MythTV experience. The most notable of these on the horizon (which we can hopefully finish before the next version of MythTV is released) is an iPod/iPhone skin that provides an experience specifically designed for ease of use on the iPhone, including video streaming and remote control of your MythTV frontends.

MythWeb is currently maintained by Chris Petersen (a.k.a. xris) and Rob Smith (a.k.a. kormoc).

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